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April 19th 2012
06:20:58 PM
What is your name?Mary Toler
How did you find this website?your post on facebook about it.
Where are you from?Savannah, Georgia
Please enter your comments?Carol you are such a strong person.
God knew you deserved to be happy and you had to go through all that you have been through to appreciate the happiness that you now have.
God Bless You. Aunt Mary
November 11th 2010
01:38:52 PM
What is your name?Shannon
How did you find this website?search on acoustic neuromas
Where are you from?Maryland
Please enter your comments?WOW! Such an inspiring story! Thank You for sharing!
I hope I can be as strong as you if I have to go through surgery. I dont know if I have an AN yet. MRI next week.
Sonali says:
Thank u so much for the most encouraging story ever, i have been diagnosed with the same, hope i sail through as easy..... God bless
Posted on : 2011-08-27 06:11:12
August 13th 2010
01:03:58 PM
What is your name?Judy Rush
How did you find this website?Facebook link
Where are you from?Tampa Florida
Please enter your comments?Carol...I can't believe this is the first time I have seen this website.
The timeing was perfect however. What an amazing young woman you are.
Your Dad always said you were not only very intellegent but very strong & he sure was right on. Love you honey.
February 17th 2010
01:14:58 PM
What is your name?Avonne A. Yang
How did you find this website?searching for Dr. Takanori *********
Where are you from?Charlotte, NC
Please enter your comments?Prayers with you. I would appreciate prayers from you for my son afflicted with a pituitary tumor and suffering from dysautonomia but is not being believed by doctors to have problems and is being said to be making up symptoms to get attention. Your Web site is soothing and healing to my troubled spirit. The Web site is your positive thing that came out of your ordeal with the tumor. Bless you.
September 13th 2009
03:13:34 PM
What is your name?Steve
What is the title of your website:Guestbook Directory
Type a quick description of your website:list of guestbooks
Please enter your comments?Hi, Just stopped by to ask you to join us at Guestbook Directory and submit your guestbook to our guestbook directory Thanks You, and tell your friends.
Email Website
June 8th 2009
02:06:00 PM
What is your name?Renee
How did you find this website?Google
Where are you from?KY
Please enter your comments?I found you websit very interesting and educational. I am making my decision to have or not to have the surgery. I have a 2 CM AN on the right side and am trying to find someone that can save my hearing since I have lost 80% of my hearing on the left side and now have a hearing aid. I have a great ENT and he has a Neuro that does the brain surgery but he has not told me his name. I am going to my second Neuro this week for just an opinion. The first did not do these types of tumors. I will have my 2nd MRI in Sept to see if it has grow. You have explained things very well making it easy to understand what is down the road. I am very nervous and sometimes upset but after reading your story this is normal. I just want to thank you for posting your story. God Bless
February 23rd 2009
09:19:21 AM
What is your name?Damaris
Please enter your comments?Can you call me when you get this message?
November 12th 2008
05:20:04 AM
What is your name?Mary Ann
Where are you from?Philippines
Please enter your comments?I just had a surgery last oct. 29 , 2008 to remove my acoustic neuroma,it was 1.3 cm in diameter and the method used was retrosigmoid.After 6 days, i was allowed to go home and since then, my recovery is very fast.Sometimes i still feel headaches but since it is only two weeks, I'm sure, it is just normal.This site is helpful for those who are suffering from this tumor.
September 13th 2008
05:17:44 PM
What is your name?Kevin
Please enter your comments?I am about to have spinal surgery under Dr. Medary. Your faith in him has helped me make the decision to go thru with it. Thank you for your inspiration.
September 8th 2008
03:01:18 PM
What is your name?Dave
How did you find this website?Google for acoustic neuroma
Where are you from?California
Please enter your comments?Thank you for your site and inpiration. I will need to make a decision soon.
April 6th 2008
01:38:42 PM
What is your name?Susan Davis
How did you find this website?web search
Where are you from?PA
Please enter your comments?Trying to understand the surgery I will be going through.
February 29th 2008
07:00:20 PM
What is your name?mia
Where are you from?nc
Please enter your comments?my father is still resting in the hospital following the removal of his acoustic neuroma... i was doing some research on the web and found your inspiring site... we also know how important prayer is... i am glad you are well...
ps. Dr. Takanori ********* was one of my father's doctors yesterday. i'm thankful he received such good care.
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February 16th 2008
07:10:04 AM
What is your name?Christian
Please enter your comments?Carol,
You are my heart and my life. I am truly blessed and a better person since we met. I am so lucky, and I thank God each and every day for you. I love you...


September 20th 2007
01:51:31 PM
What is your name?Kathy
Please enter your comments?Dear Carol,
My dear girl, you deserve all happiness and peace for the rest of yoru life! What an awesome, brave woman you are. THANK YOU so much; my best friend's husband was diagnosed with AN and will have surgery at Standford in November. I will be with here, so this information is invaluable to me! God Bless.

August 20th 2007
06:55:42 PM
What is your name?John Franks
What is the title of your website:Your Rich Life
Type a quick description of your website:Self Improvement
How did you find this website?Google
Where are you from?Florida
Please enter your comments?Excellent site Carol. The information is extremely helpful.
May 7th 2007
04:59:37 AM
What is your name?Chantal
How did you find this website?Searching Acoustic Neuroma
Where are you from?CANADA
Please enter your comments?Beautiful website. Carol - you are very fortunate to have such a loving brother like Billy. You must have a wonderful family. I am very envious and wish you much health and happiness throught your life.

January 2nd 2007
05:55:57 PM
What is your name?clint
What is the title of your website:Virtual Medical Centre
Please enter your comments?great site keep up the good work
September 7th 2006
12:41:54 PM
What is your name?Joan A
How did you find this website?searching internet
Where are you from?Raleigh, North Carolina
Please enter your comments?My 26 year old daughter was diagnosed with a pineal brain tumor on Aug. 1, 2006. She has had the tumor removed and it is malignant. Tomorrow, Sept. 8 she will have a permanent shunt inserted due to hydrocephalus. Her body cannot drain the fluid from her brain. I am so sad I cannot stand it. I have a 23 year old son and an 11 year old daughter. It is hard to be strong for them.
July 26th 2006
08:59:56 AM
What is your name?niki
How did you find this website?just looking
Where are you from?greece
Please enter your comments?it is very nice to talk with people with simiral problems. I think God has his plan for all of us. My father (56yo) had been twiced surgered in England for a brain tumor. The last MRI before four almost months was bad. We have been in America. Dr ********* with Gods help took it all out af my fathers head. I just pray every day to God. Hope the best for all.
June 1st 2006
07:43:04 AM
What is your name?Mike Ashley
What is the title of your website:Demons of Insanity
Type a quick description of your website:Me and my life with NF2 and my 67 Impala SS convertible
How did you find this website?Searching Dr *********
Where are you from?38 years Detroit, 10 years Pittsburgh, now in Jacksonville FL
Please enter your comments?In Oct. 1996 Dr ********* did my first AN on the left side, save my facial nerve and hearing, on 2/14/96 he did the right side and saved the facial nerve and hearing. I have Neurofibromatosis Type 2. At the time of the first surgey he also remove another tumor from the outside covering of the brain. The guy is a true miracle worker, he has an invite to go in my head anytime he pleases.
August 28th 2005
12:40:48 PM
What is your name?denise
How did you find this website?chat room
Where are you from?orlando fla
Please enter your comments?wow very nice webb page my mom had a brain tumors and had mris and gamma knife she had it and was fighting it for 10 years and now with god and missing mom
August 14th 2005
02:12:07 PM
What is your name?bubaz
Please enter your comments?Thanks for providing such a great site for us all!
June 24th 2005
12:41:49 PM
What is your name?Gary Enama
Where are you from?New Philadelphia, Ohio
Please enter your comments?Carol, Just read your story and find your strength remarkable. I have just been diagnosed with a 2cm AN. I am leaning toward havin GK at the Cleveland Clinic although deep down I'd rather get rid of it with surgery however the GK folks at the clinic say GK is the way to go due to the AN's size and location even for a 48 year old healthy male. As of now I am going to have another MRI in September and decide from there. Thanks, a great web site and story!
June 14th 2005
09:11:45 AM
What is your name?peggy W
How did you find this website?link from ANAC website
Where are you from?Ottawa, ON
Please enter your comments?Thanks for sharing your experiences. I gives me the courage and determination to face whatever I have to in the next months / years. I just found about my 2.7cm AN on April 7/05. Thinking about GK; would like to avoid the surgery route if possible.

Again, many thanks for your wonderful site.

May 12th 2005
08:20:41 PM
What is your name?Leonard
How did you find this website?AN search
Where are you from?North Carolina, NC
Please enter your comments?Thanks for the links and info. 2.5cm tumor. Surgery is scheduled for Aug 9, 2005 with Takanori ********* and John McElveen. I feel very confident.
March 29th 2005
11:28:13 AM
What is your name?Karen Johnson
How did you find this website?Brousing the net on AN
Where are you from?Baltimore, MD
Please enter your comments?Carol thanks sooooo much for your website. It brought tears to my eyes when I read the experiences you went through because they were extremely simular to my own. I am in my 10th week since my surgery and it is still a challenge even though I am back to work and trying to go on with my everyday life. My recovery was so unexpected and I hope people can read this and be aware that it is normal. I pray for you and your family and all of the people that have to go through this experience. Even though it isn't easy you will get through it just fine.
February 4th 2005
02:01:22 PM
What is your name?aliso dunlop
How did you find this website?search engine
Where are you from?ayrshire scotland
Please enter your comments?just had an removed 2 weeks ago and had been browsing on line before but never found your site wish i had it's been great reading it thanks.

January 20th 2005
06:49:31 PM
What is your name?Leda
Where are you from?Scotland, UK
Please enter your comments?I too have had an AN removed, now 8 weeks post op and thankful to be alive!
December 31st 2004
12:18:42 AM
What is your name?Gina Duncan
How did you find this website?From your post on the Widows bulletin board
Where are you from?Kentucky
Please enter your comments?My prayers are with you. I have lost my husband age 39, As hard as the struggle is.. I have had my health,.. for this I am grateful. My prayers are with you,.. Thanks for sharing your testimony!
October 27th 2004
08:35:17 AM
What is your name?Michael Sikora
How did you find this website?Team Discussions on
Where are you from?Baltimore, Maryland
Please enter your comments?I'm really sorry about your loss. I caught this story when I went on team discussions and the topic about Brett Favre's wife being diagnosed with breast cancer. It is just tragic of what has happened to the family around him. Aside from the story, all thoughts and prayers are with you, and I do wish the best of luck to you.

Michael Sikora aka midnight on

October 25th 2004
02:29:13 AM
What is your name?Cecilia Sheffield
How did you find this website?Free Republic
Where are you from?Georgia
Please enter your comments?Thank for sharing your story. God Bless You and Comfort You and yours!
October 23rd 2004
07:29:38 PM
What is your name?Phil Frazier
How did you find this website?
Where are you from?Michigan
Please enter your comments?Thanks for sharing your story and coming on to the website.
October 4th 2004
07:18:49 PM
What is your name?Darlene Gluck
How did you find this website?a friend told me about it
Where are you from?Cambridge, Iowa
Please enter your comments?Thanks for your site. I have a large tumor 3.1 and am afraid. I meet with a surgeon at U of I tomorrow.
August 12th 2004
05:59:23 PM
What is your name?gloria myers
How did you find this website?support group
Where are you from?boise, idaho
Please enter your comments?very nice website. thank you for sharing
August 10th 2004
05:07:53 PM
What is your name?Dixie King White
How did you find this website?Classmates - RHS Class '72
Where are you from?Tampa, Florida
Please enter your comments?Will keep you in my prayers!
July 9th 2004
09:06:54 PM
What is your name?Lori
How did you find this website?Billy
Where are you from?Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Please enter your comments?I just want to say God Bless you for being strong and holidng on. You have been blessed and I wish you the best of luck.
July 9th 2004
06:47:21 AM
What is your name?Jeannie
How did you find this website?Billy
Where are you from?Indianapolis, IN
Please enter your comments?My thoughts and prayers are always with you, Carol...Huggggsss
July 9th 2004
05:40:05 AM
What is your name?Tom McNeill
How did you find this website?BANA
Where are you from?Renfrewshire Scotland
Please enter your comments?Your site will give hope and relief to many - thanks.
I had a 4.5cm Acoustic Neuroma removed successfully in the Southern General Hospital Glasgow 2 years ago. Excellent medical team. Things still getting better, facial palsy never really bad but improving consistently. No hearing at all on effected side but this was expected. Important for people to know that recovery takes a long time and to ask many questions about what help is available. Post operative help is there I'm told but I never found it though the essential check ups were programmed and carried out faultlessly. People must be told about the likely eye problems and how to prevent and overcome them. Very thankful for the NHS. The Heath Insurers are quickly out of their depth when procedures get big and expensive!
July 5th 2004
05:01:02 PM
What is your name?Dave Skaja
How did you find this website?Through ANAUSA.ORG list server
Where are you from?Gurnee, IL. (Home of Gurnee Mills)
Please enter your comments?Your web site has given me a good idea what to expect if I need to have surgery for my AN. Thank you.
July 3rd 2004
07:31:31 AM
What is your name?Mr W Hamilton
How did you find this website?B.A.N.A
Where are you from?Scotland (Glasgow)
Please enter your comments?I recovered from same op 8 years ago thank god and all my family for continuos support
June 29th 2004
04:54:46 AM
What is your name?JOY
How did you find this website?National Brain Tumor Foundation
Where are you from?West Virginia
Please enter your comments?Carol,

How did I find about my brain tumor? I kept having earache and the family doctor thought I had ear infections. He finally did a MRI and the tumor showed up. To make a long story short :
I found out that I had that type of brain tumor and also had Dr. Takanori ********* as my skull base surgeon. My personal neurosurgeon, Dr. John Schmidt (from Charleston, WV) assisted him. They were able to remove approximately 80% of the tumor. The surgery was perfomed at the Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV. I did okay but, somehow developed Meningitis after the surgery and was actually on the way home from Morgantown when the symptoms and excruciating pain starting affecting my body. They had to do emergency brain surgery trying to get the infections out of my head and side of my face at the CAMC General Division in Charleston, WV. That did give me a rough time. Due to still having pain on my left temple and outside of my eye, I have to have the Gamma Knive Surgery on the rest of the tumor. This is scheduled in August. I had to leave my job and am on SSDisablilty. I was glad to read your article and to find out we had the same doctor. Small world.
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June 26th 2004
08:03:38 AM
What is your name?Russ Korte
How did you find this website?acoustic neuroma awareness support group post by Carol
Where are you from?Iowa
Please enter your comments?Hi!
Very nice web site, Carol! Thank you for taking the time and putting forth the energies and work required for such a project. Especially being post AN.
God bless you! -Russ Korte NF-2
June 24th 2004
02:33:30 PM
What is your name?Linda
How did you find this website?A friend sent it to me
Where are you from?Wonder Valley
Please enter your comments?Thank you for sharing your story
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June 23rd 2004
10:46:42 AM
What is your name?Lorraine Swanson
How did you find this website?Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada's website
Where are you from?London, Ontario Canada
Please enter your comments?Excellent website..wish I had been able to read something like this when I was first diagnosed in 2000...
June 23rd 2004
10:40:44 AM
What is your name?Chris
How did you find this website?ANA Guestbook
Where are you from?Chicago, IL
Please enter your comments?Carol, your site and story are terrific. I'm so happy that you're doing well! Reading your detailed story reminded me so much of my own experience; I had surgery just two months before you for a 3.5 cm tumor. Things like this aren't "supposed to" happen to us gals in our you, I feel incredibly fortunate & am counting my blessings. Good luck getting started back to work, take care of yourself!!
June 23rd 2004
08:42:28 AM
What is your name?Andy
How did you find this website?AN list
Please enter your comments?Just diagnoised with AN. Looking for information. AN list and internet sites have been helpful.
June 21st 2004
10:38:14 AM
What is your name?Echo
What is the title of your website:
Type a quick description of your website:Life as a married Christian woman, brain tumor survivor
How did you find this website?just looking around listings and got lucky!
Where are you from?Colorado
Please enter your comments?There is a new version of Footprints for those who have been walking with our Lord a while longer. It is in my Journal June 21,/04.
June 21st 2004
08:57:16 AM
What is your name?Olivia
How did you find this website?Carol
Where are you from?Orlando, FL
Please enter your comments?Hi Carol,
Love the website, your brother did a great job! I am very happy to see your smiling face back at work....we have tons of gossip to catch up on! lol!
June 20th 2004
07:36:51 AM
What is your name?Phyllis
How did you find this website?I'm on the mailing lists
Where are you from?jonesboro, arkansas
Please enter your comments?carol,
This is a beautiful website. God bless.
June 18th 2004
04:56:26 PM
What is your name?Julie
How did you find this website?Friend
Where are you from?massachusetts
Please enter your comments?Great recovery story. God Bless you
June 18th 2004
09:05:23 AM
What is your name?Ernie Cruz
How did you find this website?Carol is my Ex Wife... Yet one of my very best friends !
Where are you from?Tampa
Please enter your comments?Carol... We have alot of hero's out there.. the ones who protect our Country, Police who keep us safe and the wonderful Firefighters who never get enough credit however.. It is people like you that make one sit back and say WOW!! You have been an inspiration in every form of life.. you have a great career, wonderful family and husband,, and were given the greatest gift ever.. our two sons... To watch you overcome this.. recover as you did and be strong enough to share your story as you have in this website is a wonderful way of educating the general public and shed hope to the others who share the same problem. I am very proud of you for the way you have handled yourself and the situation that was placed in front of you... As always... you are a class act !!! congrats on a job wonderfully done... Ernie
June 17th 2004
09:22:04 PM
What is your name?Elaine
How did you find this website?ANA site
Where are you from?Utah
Please enter your comments?Your web site is great It's 18 months tomorrow since my surgery. I also had translab approach.
June 17th 2004
07:55:38 PM
What is your name?Matt Chappell
How did you find this website?sent from your brother Billy
Where are you from?Mobile AL
Please enter your comments?Wonderful story of recovery... The music reminds be of my heritage..
June 17th 2004
03:24:55 PM
What is your name?Sally
What is the title of your website:Welcome to my Music Pages
Type a quick description of your website:Music Pages
How did you find this website?Billy :-)
Where are you from?Pa
Please enter your comments?God Bless you sweetie....and Billy you sure are a wonderful Brother.......God Bless You also Billy....Hugs Sally[
June 17th 2004
02:52:42 PM
What is your name?Pam
How did you find this website?your brother... CJIF
Where are you from?North Carolina
Please enter your comments?My brother also had a brain tumor and had surgery... It was a very long struggle but praise God his is a sucess story also... and I am so glad and Praise God that you'res is also... I love you're site and your story... Thank you... for sharing...
June 17th 2004
07:58:19 AM
What is your name?Cindy
How did you find this website?your brother
Where are you from?NJ
Please enter your comments?I'm so glad to hear everything went well. Your account of your experiences will certainly help other people facing the same surgery.
June 17th 2004
07:14:30 AM
What is your name?Karen
How did you find this website?ANA
Where are you from?Oklahoma
Please enter your comments?Great story! My AN was removed 12/01 has translab just like you.

My case is a little rare, went to see about getting a cochlear implant. Before I could get the implant an CT Scan was order to made sure everything was ok in my head, a brain tumor was found!!

My implant was put on hold, had the AN taken out via translab had the implant 6 months later. Same doctor did the AN and Implant surgery.

My life is pretty much normal, still have a balance problem because of the implant.

June 17th 2004
05:52:32 AM
What is your name?Mom
How did you find this website?Your brother
Where are you from?Tampa, Fl.
Please enter your comments?It brings tears to my eyes, yet a smile to my face to read all the wonderful success stories posted all of you who have had and already recovered from this surgery, you have my utmost respect and admiration for the journey you have all of you who still must walk this path, may these stories be a source of comfort and encouragement for is people like all of you who gave Carol hope and strength, and I pray that her story will help others in the same way...God bless all of you....
June 16th 2004
09:59:03 PM
What is your name?Tina
How did you find this website?your sis
Where are you from?San Bernardino, Ca
June 16th 2004
08:33:34 PM
What is your name?ruth mitchell
How did you find this website?sent by a friend
Where are you from?Farmington Hills, Michigan
Please enter your comments?Had AN removed at the House Ear Institute 2/25/2004 I am feeling great and it is good to know others are too... I lost my hearing in my right ear, but all else is as good as new, I feel happy all is behind me... Thanks...
June 16th 2004
05:19:06 PM
What is your name?Allison
How did you find this website?ANA Guest Book
Where are you from?Long Island, NY
Please enter your comments?Carol- Congratulations on such a sucessful recovery. This is a great site and can really show people what its like to go through having an AN. I had my AN removed on 12/22/03 in NYC. Stay strong and keep up the good work.
June 16th 2004
08:50:04 AM
What is your name?connie
How did you find this website?AN email list
Where are you from?California
Please enter your comments?Carol I so enjoyed your website! I was diagnosed with a 1.3cm AN earlier this year and am still waiting to have surgery. I just had a follow-up MRI and the tumor is the same. I most likely will be having my surgery in Jan. '05. It was so interesting to read of your AN journey. Thank you so much.
June 16th 2004
07:07:37 AM
What is your name?Erin Chabot
How did you find this website?Weight Wathcers Message Board (Newbies)
Where are you from?Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Please enter your comments?I jsut wanted to tell you that your story is amazing and it just reminds me how precious life really is. I have had many CT scans and MRI's done over the years for chronic headaches and migraines, and fortunately I am healthy, but it is so scary to think something like that can happen to you. I cannot even imagine the fear and agony you must have gone through. They say God does not give you more than you can handle and you are definitely a strong woman, and you are very lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. Good luck with everything!
June 16th 2004
06:44:59 AM
What is your name?Cindy
How did you find this website?WW Newbies Board
Where are you from?Indiana
Please enter your comments?WOW!! What a story, you are very lucky and brave. I admire your courage. God Bless you and your family!
June 16th 2004
05:34:33 AM
What is your name?Joye
How did you find this website?email
Where are you from?Jacksonville
Please enter your comments?I had translab December 9, 2003 in Jacksonville. Back to normal by February. God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good!
June 16th 2004
04:49:31 AM
What is your name?Becky Salibrici
How did you find this website?ANA List Serve Support
Where are you from?Erie, PA
Please enter your comments?Carol, Thank you for sharing this !! I will be back when I have more time to check out all of your links. This is great !
June 15th 2004
08:16:07 PM
What is your name?Billy
What is the title of your website:Our Fiesty Ferrets
Type a quick description of your website:To educated the public about ferrets as a domesticated pet...
How did you find this website?I built it...
Where are you from?Tampa...
Please enter your comments?Carol, you didn't know I was building this site...Now you know why I kept asking you hope you like it...I love you...Billy...